Good Business through Universal Design

Product Accessibility LLC works with business leaders to deliver a better customer experience for everyone- their employees and their customers- through universal design and accessibility.  Not only does Universal Design make good business sense, but it also has many compelling social and legal drivers. Universally accessible products and services improve the way things are done and what can be achieved. Product Accessibility LLC works with businesses

Your Business Partner

Our ideal clients are retail product manufacturers and service firms. We work with leaders from product design, human resources, and customer engagement to bring accessibility to their employees and their customers. Our clients rely on Product Accessibility LLC for our experience in accessibility core competencies, disability inclusion, and business innovation.

Product Evaluation, Employee Training, and Innovation

Product Accessibility LLC evaluates our business client’s consumer products and services on the strengths of accessibility to reach their full target market. We provide an Accessibility Evaluation(c) which follows a consistent process and scorecard based on global accessibility standards, business maturity models, as well as informal field surveys from the following disabilities – Vision, Hearing, Cognitive, and Mobility.  We provide employee and recruiter training, including Disability Foundations 101. We provide our expertise to key business leaders through education, project management, and mentorship.

Our work positively contributes to business’ engagement in the social concerns defined in the global definition of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Those With Disabilities Have Big Spending Power

According to A Hidden Market: The Purchasing Power of Working-Age Adults With Disabilities

The total disposable incomes (post-tax) for working-age individuals with disabilities is nearly $500 billion.” Compared to other segments and markets in the United States, they hold impressive buying power.

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