“I was the event organizer and hiring manager for a company-wide seminar on inclusion and product accessibility. We hired Martha to design and run an interactive virtual workshop for 50+ people on the principles of Universal Design. Martha blew us away with her thoughtfulness, creativity, professionalism, and expertise.

The event ran without a hitch and was expertly tailored to our product category and company culture. She had us take a hard look at the work we do, from the language in our manuals, to our product design all the way to our marketing videos. She not only introduced us to Universal Design, she inspired us to actually create and pitch new ways to make our products and customer experience more inclusive and accessible.

This was a transformative day for me and our entire company that we will remember and benefit from for many years to come. We are so grateful to Martha and could not recommend her and Product Accessibility LLC more highly. “

– Zach Shivers (He/Him) Zach Shivers (He/Him), Visual Content Manager StoreBound | Dash | Sobro
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Reaching more customers through greater accessibility

I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to implement every idea” – Michael G. Insalaco, Founder Sleek Socket

Sleek Socket has a great product today. Mike received new insights and innovations for his products from our Accessibility Evaluation.
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Accessibility Evaluation(c)

Business owners appreciate understanding their products and services from every angle. Accessibility strategies from a certified professional really make sense when it paves the way for a better customer experience.

Our signature engagement, Accessibility Evaluation(c), provides the business leader unique insight into their products and services. We follow a consistent process and scorecard to evaluate your products according to global standards of the Seven Principles of Universal Design, WCAG 2.1 standards, as well as informal field surveys from the following disabilities – vision, hearing, cognitive, and mobility. (c) 2020 Product Accessibility LLC |All Rights reserved

Accessibility Education and Training

Investing in a diverse and inclusive employee culture takes time and resources. Our Accessibility Education and Training acknowledges that employees have unique sets of experience with disabilities. Product Accessibility’s “Disability and Accessibility Fundamentals” is a great level-setting employee experience. We provide a variety of resource guides, multimedia experiences, and in-person activities. Our work provides a level set for the organization and a place to build further exploration.

Accessibility Consulting

The Executive Summary of the Accessibility Evaluation is a business proposal for a focused project to better reach your marketing and sales goals.

In this evaluation, we cover product features that improve accessibility and can differentiate your product.  These insights can be incorporated by your designers, suppliers, procurement, employees, and customers.    

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